Saturday, April 9, 2011

Union Farmhouse @ Clementi

Reservation: not required, ample seating
Go if you want: nostalgic open air kampung ambience. The main structure and gaudy green colour of the restaurant has remained the same for decades.
Parking: Free, at open-air gravel ground in front of the restaurant.

It's been a long time since the family visited the farmhouse. Sadly, the critters that originally formed the family farmhouse - dogs, roosters and other domesticated animals - have now given place to altars and objects of worship. It looks more like a backward temple than a farmhouse now.

Nevertheless, the food and kampung ambience that offers a break-away from modern life has remained unchanged through the years - though of course, at a higher price than before. Our all-time favourites: oyster sauce mian and mee fen, paper wrapped chicken [chi bao gai] and deep-fried pigeon. Our two younger daughters, however, thought it too impolite and inhuman to eat a bird.