Sunday, January 31, 2010

Revisiting the New Chatterbox

Someone recently reminded me about the sharp crystal shapes of the lighting fixtures in the old Chatterbox that hung precariously over the tables. It brought me back to adolescent days when I had long hangouts with friends there. Those were the days before coffee chains invaded!

Revisiting the Chatterbox where my husband too used to hang out with friends, we naturally expected much. Even my mum had her own reminiscence with my dad there! So the whole troop checked into the new Chatterbox for dinner.

So we ordered what would help with the road down memory lane. The verdict: the totally overhauled Chatterbox holds nothing to lure us back for food or sentimental reasons. The old is completely gone - food quality, atmosphere, prestige, glam.

I ordered Nasi Lemak
Kenny had Kway Tiao
Mum had to retry Chicken Rice while Krystle and Shairel
[born only in the last 2 decades] tried this famous dish for the first time.
Tessa had the Lobster Laksa