Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day at PS Cafe @ Dempsey

Reservation: Best done beforehand for weekends. Waiting could be long otherwise.
Experience: For outdoor feel with indoor airconditioned comfort in a conservatory-like dining room. The fragrance of fresh flowers fill the air from two over-the-top-sized vases sitting on a counter near the entrance.
Parking: About 5 lots across a wooden walkway from the restaurant; alternatively, ample open-air lots 5 mins away.
Tel: 9070-8782
Menus avail @

For Father's Day, the choice of venue was clear - for all, it had to be beautiful without being too stuffy for a Sunday morning; for the dad, it had to be close to nature where there's rich foliage [and the visits of fauna would be welcome too!]; and for me, it has to have beautiful flowers, aircon and good latte! Well, clearly, many families had the same thing in mind and it was full-house at 11am! Thank God only that we had a parking space right beside and a table right after we arrived!
Anthuriums - the heart-shaped flower with a spike in the middle
- sits ceremoniously on our table this Father's Day.
Tessa sitting elegantly with her daddy as
mummy tried to capture the beautiful flowers behind them too!
Our daily bread - What is breakfast without it?
And what is life without the true daily bread?
After all, "Man does not live on great plans, good ideas,
and genuine intentions alone...
but by the wisdom that comes from above that is first of all pure..."
The father in attendance ordered the special -
Venison Sausage Potato Jacket. Typical meat-eater!
I ordered Garden Lasagne - a plate of pure veggie delight!
Krystle had Fish Croquette with Poached Eggs
Coochie stuck to the tried and tested Baked Bacon and Eggs
Baby had mushroomy Portebello Stack
Coochie with daddy who loves the Father's Day card she chose
that came with a movable cut-out of a car that bore
an uncanny resemblance to his beloved Triumph TR7! Divine choice!