Friday, March 4, 2011

Samy's Curry @ Dempsey

Reservation: Not required as there's ample seating in large dining hall and alfresco outside facing mature trees and greenery.  
Go if you want: A more local feel compared to other updated and glitzy airconditioned Indian restaurants elsewhere. A great place to sweat out a spicy meal and wrap it up with superb teh tarik. It's never hot here because of the fans and foliage around that keep temperatures low.
Parking: Free, at open-air parking area at the foot of the restaurant.
Tel: 6472-2080

There's nothing like the combination of light showers, cool breeze and being surrounded by trees dripping with rain that make the perfect setting for a spicy Indian meal with teh tarik! But the crucial thing about eating Indian is: you gotta go with someone who knows the food and knows what to order so you don't get ripped off with 'chef's recommendations'. Service today was fast and attentive, and we noticed more Chinese nationals than before which warranted the comment: 'You would never imagine having Chinese servers working in an Indian restaurant 10 years ago.'

For a group of three, we had 5 dishes for lunch [black squid not shown], plus generous servings of dhal and longbeans. We even had a basket of parpedum today [some days, they are simply deposited on your banana leaf aka plate, and not even crunchy]. No wonder our bellies were burning hours after the meal!

Deep-fried Pomfret
Chicken Masala and Curry Mutton
Curry Fishhead
Generous dose of Dhal and Longbeans