Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jurong Hilltop Restaurant

When you see the viewing tower, the first instinct is to ascend it when in fact the restaurant is located at the basement of the tower. Nevertheless, it offers dining with unobstructed wide angle view of the Jurong indistrial area. There's something about being above it all that takes you away from the ordinariness of life and gives some respite from the buzz of work. [No pictures taken of the view though.]

 Thumbs up for the salmon.

Everyone is given a bright orange apron to don.

This place has not changed since I last visited about 2 decades back which explains the lack of good kitchen ventilation or whatever you call it. Expect to smell of teppanyaki when you step out and into your car. However, for us, the fragrance of our courtship days brought meaning to the family at this visit.